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Erasmus+ project (2019-2021)

Germany | Sweden | Slovakia | Bulgaria

Partner organizations

Key objectives

  • Exchange of good practice
  • Use of the Biologdesigner method
  • Development of coordination structures
  • Summary and recommendations

Main topics

  • Cooperation between educational institutions and business
  • Regional dimension and cooperation
  • Labour market issues including career guidance


The kickoff meeting of the Erasmus+ project Biologdesigner, which is being carried out with European partners from Germany, Sweden, Bulgaria and Slovakia on resource- and solution oriented labour market strategies, took place 7-8 October 2019 in Magdeburg. Partners discussed topics and composition of the working groups and detailed respective goals and the final product.

Comments about Biologdesigner

"I have regained the pride in my work." Public Employment Officer
"Finally, my colleagues and my boss understand each other on the best way to provide guidances services." Officer of municipal labour market unit
"With a shared idea about our support services, the co-operation between the Public Employment Service, the municipality and the Social Insurance Agency works much better." Manager of public labour market office

Plan (2019-2021)

Project Start Date

September 2019

Kickoff-meeting (Germany)

7-8 October 2019

Short-term joint staff training event (Sweden)

16-20 March 2020

Transnational Projects Meeting (Slovakia)

September 2020

Transnational Projects Meeting (Bulgaria)

February 2021

Transnational Projects Meeting (Germany)

June 2021